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6 Hours of music to download each month..WOW

60 minute ASOMAssageMusic Mixes in a variety of specific categories.

Complete copyright liability coverage with ASOMAssageMusic-BMLC

Print your BMLC - Background Music License Certificate for display.

An easy to use redesigned music player interface.

Imagine having a few extra minutes before rushing off to work, a little more time with the family, or to get that morning workout or meditation in ... no more trying to come up with the right music for each client while having your morning drive into work, no more searching for massage music while out shopping on your only day off.

With your membership you have peace of mind, the perfect massage music mix,  pay zero royalty fees and get your exclusive background music license. One stop shopping at its best - variety and service - designed for busy massage therapists like you. Month after month we have you covered.

Legal Downloads .. the musicians receive payment for every track downloaded  .. Everyone wins, you, the client and the music creator.  It can't be better than that.

We offer a 14 day trial for $1 - go ahead - get access now





"It's very convenient to be able to just login and download music at such an affordable price. The quality of the music you provide is great too. I have enjoyed most, if not all of the albums you provide. I'm pretty picky about massage music too, so you must be doing something right. I look forward to new music every month. Thank you!"

Ann Ross, Seattle
Urban Healing Arts Studio


"I love the ease with which I can navigate this site. The quality of the music, as well as the overall vibe is wholly consistent with my ideas about relaxation music. I have had the great pleasure of hearing some of this music live, and I am absolutely blown away by the talent. You can feel the love in every note...I have a new favorite site. "

Angie Patrick, Massage Warehouse
(North America’s top distributor of massage supplies.)


ASOMassageMusic just makes sense! It's so nice to have access to digital music whenever you need it and now that Earthlite has come out with a sound cushion called the Zenvi, then you can plug your ipod into the headrest and it helps drown out the sounds outside the massage rooms. I even listen to ASOMassageMusic when I go to bed at night, because it is so relaxing.

Ryan Hoyme, Founder


“What a deal! I'm thrilled with AsomassageMusic because the value is amazing and I can constantly have a fresh new influx of relaxing, healing music for my clients. And the convenience of being able to download tracks right to my computer is wonderful! I've already recommended this service to a number of colleagues. Thank you for providing such quality and value!”

Heidi Garis, M.S.W., NCTMB


Massage Music


"ASOMAssage Music has been a great contribution to me AND my clients. It's so easy to try out all the different music and just select what I want, and my clients love it when they get to leave a session refreshed and energized when I use new tunes from ASOMAssage paired with a visualization at the end of their massage. I'm going to be using the music in my classes as well and can't wait!

Patrick Ingrassia, LMT
Nayada Institute of Massage


" We love ASOMAssage and can't imagine life without it. ASOMAssage allows us to have new music at a fraction of the cost when compared to buying a new CD each week/month. With new artist's and titles being added all the time, our clients love our ever growing library of contemporary relaxation music as much as we do."

Thanks ASOMAssage.

Natalie Rumbaugh, LMT


"The ASO Massage Music website has been a godsend in helping me achieve this goal with quality, unique and diversified music.  Sometimes it is hard to find the right mix and flow of music for the male client, but I have successfully been able to put together several unique playlists for them. I like the fact that there is something for everyone ...  whether you like upbeat faster paced music, fusion style, environmental & natural, piano & guitar, it's just a short click away!  Easy to download and enjoyable for all!  Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge the healing arts with such fabulous, unique offerings!  Peace

Gail Dobinski, LMT
Reiki Master Practitioner
Certified  MT for clients with Special Needs

ASOMAssage Music: the answer from Asoma Studio to your need for quality and refreshingly original massage soundtrack, delivered conveniently + consistently.

LOGIN and DOWNLOAD anywhere, anytime for perfectly reliable deep relaxation music ambience.

If you want the best in relaxation music online, spa sounds, peaceful music, chillout lounge, relaxing piano music – you get the point – you’ll be happy your heard about this Massage Music club.

We’ve got the most relaxing music online. You deserve the best therapeutic music, and we’ve done a TONNE of legwork for you.

We’ve pooled together many top artists in relaxation music and sound therapy today including Stephen Halpern, Fiona Joy Hawkins, Paul Adams, David Hoffman, George Skaroulis and many more, bringing you the variety you need in a brand new user-friendly and fun-to-use platform.

Download relaxation music today – hassle free.
Enjoy exclusive member’s benefits.

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